“. . . youngsters will be rolling in the aisles . . . With a unique method of introducing subtraction, this wholly engaging title will be requested over and over again.”

“It’s a cunning concept that brings some welcome comedy to the venerable but often unexciting topic of sharing. The bounce of the verse will keep the interest even of youngsters not ready for the math, and kids who’ve progressed beyond basic counting books will be intrigued by the challenge and delighted by the comedy.”

“Take one counting book, mix it with a comical tale of underwear-sharing, add some tongue-twisting rhymes, and soon there will be uncontrollable laughter. Who knew sharing could be so much fun?”

“A silly romp of a counting book with a lesson in sharing to boot. Lichtenheld’s illustrations more than hold their own against the text’s goofy details. A picture book to count on for delightful shared reading.”

“This amusing tale of sharing eschews the preachy and relies on nonsense to get readers giggling.”